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PhD after bachelor's degree

Some research topics of UbiCrypt are very attractive for students with a bachelor degree from a Fachhochschule (university of applied science) or from a university. The fellowships are reserved for students which show exceptional promise for research and who are highly motivated. The Electrical Engineering & Information Technology (EEIT) department offers a fast track Ph.D. option for excellent external (and internal) students with a bachelor degree, who have not yet started their master degree.


There is a special transition program for the qualifying fellows:

In the first two semesters, the students are required to take lecture courses, lab courses, and seminars for a total of 60 ECTS credit points. The courses are selected from the catalog of our program “Master in IT Security / Networks and Systems”. The core courses in this program are Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Cryptography and Data Security, Network Security and Systems Security. The elective courses can be chosen from a wide range of courses, including for example Theoretical Cryptography, Program Analysis, Coding Theory, Physical Attacks, Signal Processing, or VLSI Design.

In addition to course work, the students will also be introduced to research: each qualifying fellow will participate from the beginning in the seminar of UbiCrypt, which is comprised of talks by external guests and Ph.D. students. An important educational element is the seminar course in her/his first semester, in which a recent research publication is analyzed. The seminar requires a 10–15 page written research report and a presentation.

In the second semester, the student will continue with guided research. Often, the qualifying fellow will do research in an area that she/he investigated during the seminar course. The students will receive ECTS credits for both the seminar course and the guided research. The research will be done in conjunction with a post-doc or an advanced Ph.D. student. This will assure that the qualifying fellow learns about scientific methods and practices.

In the second year, the fellows will be integrated in the regular Research Training Group Program. The department requires a minimum average grade of 84% after the first year as a condition for continuation as a Ph.D. student. In cases where the student does not fulfill the grade requirement, the work she/he did as qualifying fellow can be used for obtaining a regular master degree in IT Security, which requires one additional year of study.