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Interdisciplinary Coordination

A guiding theme of the RTG is interdisciplinary research. One important component for achieving this goal is a cooperation of the doctoral students among each other. Experience has shown that it is sometimes difficult for Ph.D. students to see how other dissertation projects are relevant for her/his own research. In order to achieve this important goal the Research Training Group propose to use a post-doc as interdisciplinary coordinator.

The postdoc will regularly meet with every doctoral student. In addition to providing a sounding board for the students’ research ideas, the main role of the postdoc is to bring doctoral students together in cases where cooperation looks promising. As an ideal outcome, we hope that two of the RTG students will work together for part of their dissertation, and be able to publish joint research papers. In order to recognize strands of research that are relevant to more than one student, a fairly deep understanding of the ongoing research in each of the dissertation projects is required.

Postdoctoral researchers and Interdisciplinary Coordinators

Dr. Vincent Grosso