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Equal opportunities for male and female researchers is an important goal of UbiCrypt and the Ruhr University. Computer science and engineering departments in Germany (and at RUB) usually have less than 10% female students, and UbiCrypt aims at least to increase this percentage. We target at least 20% female Ph.D. students.


In order to achieve the goal, gender equality measures are provided on UbiCrypt level and on the university level.

  • For female Ph.D. students, a key element will be to expose them to women in science who already reached a leading position in IT security and can serve as Role Models. The PIs will establish and maintain contacts to a pool of female security researchers.
  • First, it will be assured that every semester at least one female scientist will be invited for short-term visits. As part of the visits, there will always be an informal meeting between the female scientist and the female Ph.D. students. This meeting can take place, for instance, as a dinner or a discussion group after a talk. Female bachelor and master students (involved in UbiCrypt) are invited to join the meeting too.
  • Women in UbiCrypt have the option of conducting their interdisciplinary project at a group of one of the female researchers we are cooperating with.
  • The RUB has already successfully adopted processes for supporting equality, for career promotion of young female researchers and for ascertaining the compatibility of scientific careers and family. For post-docs the programs also offer career coaching. For the female students of UbiCrypt we will offer personalized career development seminars and coachings, in addition to the existing mentoring programs. In cooperation with RUB ProKids child care opportunities are provided for every event of the research training group.



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